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Whale Of A Good Time

About This Project

recycled mild steel plasma drop, recycled glass, LED

15’ H x 10’ W x 9’ D


Commissioned by:
Merlone Geier Partners through Petaluma's Percent for Art

Deer Creek Village in Petaluma, California

Whale of a Good Time is created from 100% recycled materials. Frozen in time, this sculpture offers a glimpse into the daily life of the majestic whale. The surrounding benches give rise to a swell of glass and steel creating a circular seating on the ocean itself. At night the glass filled benches are illuminated with LED strip lights which in turn produce a glowing ambiance in a sea of concrete. This large scale artwork was created through the use of percent for art funds administered by the artist on behalf of Merlone Geier Partners and approved by the City of Petaluma.

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