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Colorado Convention Center Expansion

Design Approach


Colorado sunsets are among the best in the world. There’s nothing more breathtaking than when Mother Earth paints the sky with blue, pink, orange, purple and red. The colorful show changes every day and even minute to minute, thanks to Colorado's mountains and their interaction with the clouds.

Our design approach would celebrate this interactivity between light, color and mountains that reflect Colorado's seasonal changes and vibrant colors.  

Hanging upside down, would be an abstract colorful mountain range, attached to the ceiling, made from dichroic glass and stainless steel. 
This design concept will not only bring beauty but storytelling in the convention centers publicly shared space. 


Dichroic glass and mirror polished stainless steel panels would create a very abstract looking mountain range by adding color, absorbing and at the same time reflecting its surroundings. 


This sculpture would have both a strong day and night presence

During the day the glass and stainless steel will both absorb and reflect the natural sunlight creating a colorful appearance. At night LED lights would work to illuminate this sculpture from within to add a glowing sunset feel.


Reference photo of dichroic glass illuminated. Colors will be changed to reflect Colorado's Majestic sunsets.

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